Dubai Draws Cash And Shoppers To Its Shores

October 28, 2013  |  No Comments  |  by Nicole àBeckett  |  Blog

It’s doom and gloom no more for Dubai. Business Insider reported today that Dubai’s real estate boom is back but this time it is being fueled by the region’s wealthiest people looking for a safe haven to park their cash in the midst of the Arab Spring’s turmoil according to Societe Generale analyst Kit Juckes.

Juckes hasn’t quantitatively analyzed the data yet, but he is reporting clear anecdotal evidence of full planes, buzzing hotels and slammed shopping malls.

Dubai’s transparent business practices make it an ideal destination for exports of consumer goods to the region and with cash flooding the Emirate, it seems that there is no better time than now. Contact us today to see how Mercatura Global can help your company get there.

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